Fulton County, Georgia

Why It Matters

The Fulton County Commission is Made Up of Seven Elected Officials Who Control a Budget in Excess of $1.25 Billion.

They have a direct impact on Free & Fair Elections Public Safety Justice Reform Public Health

Voting Local Matters Now More Than Ever

Our lives, our rights, and our freedoms are impacted not only by the laws on the books, but also by how those laws are carried out. For example, the right to vote is the rule of law, but to ensure free and fair elections and safeguard against baseless claims of fraud we have to fully fund and staff our local elections divisions. That happens at the county level. The same can be said for a range issues including public safety, justice reform and public health.

Fulton County is the largest county in Georgia; it has over one million residents and it includes the city of Atlanta. The Fulton County Commission is made up of seven elected officials control a budget in excess of $1.25 billion. They have a direct impact on election integrity, public safety, justice reform, public health and more.

the incumbent has been in office for almost a decade


The Fulton County Commission is currently split with three Republicans and three Democrats with the tie-breaking vote held by the Commission Chair who, though a Democrat, tends to vote with the Republicans.  

At every turn, this majority which includes District 3 incumbent Lee Morris votes to choke off funding and refuses to prioritize critical issues like free & fair elections, public safety, justice reform, and public health. The far-reaching and devastating impact of their decisions include;

  • understaffed and underfunded elections that limit access and invite the kinds of false allegations we have already seen

  • an overburdened court system and an overcrowded jail which contribute to more violent criminals on the streets in Fulton and beyond. 

  • a court records backlog where state and federal databases are not being updated which means across the country convicted sex offenders are able to work with and live near children, violent offenders are able to pass background checks and get access to guns, and companies are making hiring decisions without critical information. 

  • the potential for another deadly virus to cause more death and to spread more widely than it needs to.

Together We Can Shift The Balance of Power

Electing Dana Barrett to the Fulton County Commission District 3 seat will shift the balance of power and allow these critical services to be prioritized, and appropriately funded.


The Commission controls and funds the agency that administers elections in the jurisdiction that Donald Trump targeted more than any other as part of his “big lie” campaign to undermine American democracy.


The Commission is the most important local elected body dealing with crime. It has the power to improve public safety through more effective prosecution and to ensure justice with programs that provide alternatives to incarceration for those who can be diverted from a life caught up in the system.


The Commission is responsible for public health services and assuring that when a crisis like COVID hits there is adequate testing, vaccinations, and hospital beds to handle the situation.