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Dana Barrett


Fiscally Responsible. Socially Inclusive.

It’s time for our leaders to stop playing politics and focus on serving the people. Fulton County voters should not have to choose between keeping our tax rates down and taking care of our community. We can do both.

I'm Dana Barrett and As your next Fulton County Commissioner, I am committed to:

  • PROTECTING VOTING RIGHTS and ensuring EQUAL ACCESS for over one million citizens.
  • PROTECTING WOMEN’S HEALTH and providing access to healthcare and family planning while FIGHTING TO RECLAIM THE HUMAN RIGHT OF HAVING AGENCY OVER OUR OWN BODIES.
  • IMPROVING PUBLIC SAFETY through more effective prosecution and ENSURING EQUAL JUSTICE with programs that provide alternatives to incarceration for those who can be diverted from a life caught up in the system.
  • A TRANSPARENT, ETHICAL, AND EFFICIENT Fulton County that works for all.
Georgia Democrat Dana Barrett talks to voters in Fulton County

Why I'm Running

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

On March 8th, 2022, with just a few days left to qualify to be on the ballot in November, I was asked to run for Fulton County Commissioner.

So, I researched the district, the commission, and the seat, and decided to step up.

I’m running for Fulton County Commission District 3 because I believe we deserve leaders at all levels who will choose people over politics and put us before their own self-interests every day.

But I’m also running because I’m deeply worried about our country… and this is something I can do. 

But I can’t do it alone. I need your help. Together we can shift the balance of power in Fulton County to ensure free and fair elections, a balance between public safety and equal justice, and a transparent, ethical, and efficient government that works for all of us.

“She’s a hard worker, a pragmatic problem-solver, and she’s not afraid of a fight.”

- Buddy Darden, Former US Congressman

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